At IMS, we exist to provide the most affordable business management and vocational skills courses.

We understand that education is the foundation of a person’s career in their work life.  It also enriches and improves their quality of life. At IMS, we strive to provide the quality Business Management and Vocational skills courses in Singapore to students of all walks of life.

After the initial period of general education, the knowledge and skill acquired through education will equip them with the basic foundation for him to perform his job.  We understand that learning is a lifelong journey and skills can only be relevant if it is upgraded continuous. Further more there is a shortage of qualified personnel in Singapore and other region especially in Business Management.  We at International Management School (IMS) intend to impart this skills and specialization to them so that they can perform their job effectively.

IMS will provide the latest curriculum to meet the needs and standard of the market requirement. Our group of highly qualified lecturers ensures that the students get the best in the market. Our cozy classroom set up will make the learning even more enjoyable.

Highlights of Business Management courses at IMS

1. Business Management
2. Food and Beverage
3. Care Giving
4. Pastry and Culinary
5. Civil Engineering
6. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
7. Hospitality
8. Accounting
9. Marketing

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International Management School Pte Ltd (200816652R) is a registered school with the Council of Private Education. ERF start date 19 October 2016, expiry date 18 January 2021.

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